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Taking Pictures of Your Home

Below are some suggestions for taking pictures of your

home involving varying views and distances.



 Taking Your Pictures


Taking pictures for me to work from is an easy process.  I would prefer to have multiple views of your home - from the left side, center, and right side.  Pictures taken from an angle make for better drawings.  It's also good to have photos from different distances, but not too far away.  If the photo(s) you send me are too far away, I won't be able to discern the details of the home.  If they're too close, you may not get the whole house in the picture.  Also, try to take pictures without cars in their driveways.  Cars can block a lot of details.

If one of the photos shows just how you'd like the home to be drawn, please note that.

Digital Cameras:  To send me pictures taken with a digital camera, simply attach the digital files to an email to me.

Film Cameras:  You can do one of two things:  1)  Develop the film and mail the photos to me;  2)  Develop the film, scan the photos and then email the scanned files to me as an attachment.

I only have one copy of my photo:  If you only have a single copy of a photo - do NOT send that photo through the US mail.  If it's lost you'll not only never get the pen and ink that you'd like, but you'll also have lost the only photo of that house that you have.  What you should do is have that photo scanned and then email the picture of the scanned photo to me.  If you don't have a scanner, try a neighbor or friend.  Kinko's should also be able to help you.  As a very last resort you can try photocopying the photo and sending the photocopy to me. 

Film Negatives:  Do NOT mail me your film negatives.  Those are your backups and I can't do anything with them anyway.  If the US mail loses the photos that you send me then you can always have duplicates made from those negatives.


Note:  All customer supplied photos will be returned with the pen & ink drawing.



Taking Pictures of Your Home


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