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Gallery 1 Paintings

These are digital paintings created in a whimsical fashion.  They're not meant to be a serious rendering of one's home, or other subject matter, but rather to express feelings from the heart.  Do you want a unique Christmas card?  What a joy to not send the same card that others send.  Want a unique, creative invitation for a party, birthday, wedding?  It can be painted for you. 



A quick synopsis:  This is the painting that started this.  My wife asked me to create our Christmas card.  In doing so I tried to bring in some aspect of the lives of our family.  The guitar and grill for me; the picture over the mantle for my wife; the stockings hung on the mantle - one for my wife and I, one for our son, one each for our daughter and her husband, and one little stocking for our upcoming grandchild.  The white hat on the mantle is for our son in the U.S. Navy.  And our two dogs - Zoe and Abby watchful and alert for Santa's visit.  I think they're hoping he won't want the dog biscuit on the plate!


This painting was created for our good friends Cheryl & Bill.  Bill loves to fish - hence his boat in the driveway and two fishing poles leaning against the garage door.  I put in a snow angel for fun.  Do you remember making those as a child?




We've been part of a cribbage group for the past 20 some years.  For a Christmas gift this year I painted each of their houses.  This one is for Dale & Sandy.  Dale love cars and enjoys working on his many vehicles.  I felt it only fitting that he would be the repair man for Santa's sleigh.


This is another early painting for Donna who heads our chamber networking group.  Her daughter, like our son, is in the U.S. Navy.


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Pen & Ink Drawings by S.H. Randahl