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Gallery 2 Paintings

The pages devoted to my paintings are in the process of being created.  Please be patient.  Thanks, Steve.


The painting that started this new product line.  It's of a part of our downtown in Cary, IL.


This is the living room in our daughter and son-in-law's home.  They just had those shelves custom built.  Again there are a lot of items of significance to them.  Their 2 cats Carl and Francis; their golden retriever rescue, Beau;  their law degrees, Jay's squash racquet - he's a top squash player.  Looks beautiful, doesn't it?


Back to cribbage.  This painting is of a house of one of our very oldest friends in Cary.  The 5 snowmen represent their 5 grandchildren.  I think I've captured the essence of their home and the warmth of their family.


This is our across-the-street neighbor's home in summer.  I've also done one of it in winter with their 2 Chesapeake Retrievers figured prominently.  I haven't had time to post that one yet.


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Pen & Ink Drawings by S.H. Randahl