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Gallery 3 Paintings

The pages devoted to my paintings are in the process of being created.  Please be patient.  Thanks, Steve.


Yup, cribbage again.  That's Ed and Terri on the right (they're snowmen) and their 3 grandchildren on the left.  The grandchildren are the same ones in the a previous cribbage painting.



And I couldn't forget our nieces.  This is Stephanie's home.  I see Santa must have left her some presents!


And this is the home of my other niece who currently lives in Albuquerque.  No snow in this Christmas painting, but Santa still manages to make it.  Now if he can only figure out how he's going to get his plump figure to fit down that stove pipe!


This painting is of a dear friend's home in Park Ridge, IL.  She heads the Kalo Foundation of Park Ridge of which I am a board member.  I did this one to thank her for all of her hard work.  Thanks, Betsy.


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