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Home:   This is the Home page - the page where you first entered this website.


Ordering & Pricing: This is a direct link to the pricing and ordering page.


Notecards & Postcards:  Notecards and postcards with the drawing of your home are available.  


FAQ:   Frequently Asked Questions - common questions and answers to those questions.

Information on taking photos of your home to send to me.





Taking pictures of your home:  Instructions on what pictures are needed, etc. 


Artist's Bio:   Just a little bit about me, the artist.


Blog:  My blog.


Links:   Some links to other websites that I find useful and links to other artist's sites.


Contact Me:  You can contact me via email, snail mail, or telephone.

Email Me:


Snail Mail:    

Steve Randahl,

255 S. Wulff,

Cary, IL  60013


Call Me:      847-769-6285




Site Map:   That's this page!



Galleries:  These contain displays of some of my work.


   Gallery 1:  Pen & inks.

   Gallery 2:  Pen & inks.

   Gallery 3:  Pen & inks

   Gallery 4:  Pen & inks.

   Gallery 5:  Pen & Inks.






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